Yuba Spicy Curry Cargo Bike Dealer

Yuba Spicy CurryWe’re very excited to finally have in store the Eurobike Gold Award winning Yuba Spicy Curry electric cargo bike.

As you may know, we’re major cargo bike fans (we use cargo bikes personally and for the shop transport). If you love the freedom of going by bike but need load carrying practicality of a car, then cargo bikes are the answer!

The Spicy Curry is one well put together load hauler. It comes with lots of clever design features so you can transform the bike for all your carrying needs. Carry giant loads with ease on the cargo platform, pick up a week’s worth of shopping in the capacious cargo bags,  and go to the front of the queue on the school run while the kids enjoy the ride on the rear passenger seats.

The Yuba Spicy Curry has a tonne of torque to get you and your cargo up the steepest grade, and is fully featured for your round riding with built in lights, fenders and powerful hydraulic disc brakes.

Transform your daily grind into a happy ride!

See more about the Yuba Spicy Curry and our other cargo bike options in the shop, or get in contact and we’ll be happy to advise you.