Surly Ice Cream Truck

Surly Ice Cream Truck – big, fat and creamy

Surly has been making up brilliant/silly bike names again. This time it’s the new Surly Ice Cream Truck – kind of a racier version of the Moonlander without offset rims.

Surly Ice Cream Truck closeup

Surly Ice Cream Truck wheel

Some early specs here from the Surly blog:

-190mm symmetrical rear-end (197mm with the through axle hub that will come stock)
-Our new MDS dropout system allowing for through-axle, vertical, and single speed setups.
-5” tire clearance
-132.5mm bottom bracket shell with proprietary press-fit bottom bracket – this allows us to make the chainstay attachment points wider than a Fed-Ex cargo plane full of volleyballs. The super wide BB is precision machined post welding (that is after the frame is finished welded); full width all at once. This ensures a precise fit, and perfect concentricity of both bearing pockets. Additionally; our BB (which is similar in diameter to other popular press fit systems) is specifically, intentionally sized and tolerance to our BB. This ensures a tight fit. Use a headset press to press it in for best results.

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