Supernova e-bike lights

Supernova e-bike lights in the snow

Supernova e-bike lights open up nocturnal e-bike adventures

Supernova e-bike lights provide high performance illumination for your electric bike.

We’ve been supplying high-end Supernova dynamo lights for some time – they are a benchmark lighting brand amongst bikepackers and bicycle adventurers worldwide and held in high regard for their innovative design and high build quality and materials.

Supernova also make an outstanding range of e-bike lights that fully integrate with most e-bike systems. They make an especially good match for higher end Bosch, Shimano, Brose and Yamaha powered e-bikes. Supernova even produce a Bosch specific mount that integrates the headlight neatly below the Bosch Intuvia display unit – the finishing touch to match up to the highest spec e-bike. All lights are fully integrated with the electric drive system and can be operated at the push of a button from the display unit.

Supernova produces a range of e-bike lights, from commuter lights through to high output lights for night riding on trails at speed with safety on the road. The M99 Pro is Supernova’s flagship light, outputting a massive 1600 lumen high beam and an 1100 lumen low beam. All the M99 range feature a highly visible daytime running light. This feature is especially relevant to e-bikes where often the calm and slow pedalling of the rider belies their rapid speed. The daytime running light gives motorists a visible alert that a vehicle is approaching – a great safety feature.

Many e-bikes come with headlights, but most e-mountain bikes don’t. If you ride your e-bike at night and/or night ride on trails or just wanted a higher spec light for your daily ride, then take a look at Supernova lights and never be caught out in the dark again.

Supernova e-bike lights - M99 Pure

Supernova M99 Pure – illumination perfected