Good Rotations bicycle shop mentioned in North & South magazine July 2014

GR and electric Yuba in North & South mag!

Good Rotations is pretty chuffed to be mentioned in the latest North & South!

A bunch of amazing local talent contributed to that lovely spread: local journalist Tim Brewster crafted the idea and the words, Simon Darby was the photographer extraordinaire and Ruth Heath and two of her kids were the amazing models, and surely main inspiration for the article: Ruth and her husband Jeremy deliver their delicious organic sourdough bread to Wanaka homes on an electric Yuba Mundo cargo bike (that equates to 300km per week!)… and it’s the bike that WE want to write about!

Sure, the article does say that their Yuba can carry up to 200kg, and that one battery charge gives them 40 to 60 km range (People’s Bread have an upsized battery, which allows for further range; most standard current electric motor kits will do approx 40km in range). You’ll see from the picture that it’s no problem transporting two kids on the back. But there’s so much more to the story…

Good Rotations bicycle shop mentioned in North & South magazine July 2014

The mighty Electric Yuba Mundo

We at Good Rotations are very fond of the bike pictured in the article, because it is the bike that started it all for us.

In summer 2012, we got a Yuba Mundo, fitted with an electric motor from EVLab. It was a life changing event! It’s hard to put into words what that bike did to our lives. Do you remember riding for the very first time on a bicycle? Or maybe taking a nice car for a spin for the very first time? Or even the first time you boarded a plane to fly overseas? Well, what we were experiencing that summer was somewhere along those lines. And we still haven’t tired of it! (The electric Yuba Mundo is what I get around daily on).

The Mundo is certainly heavy, and you would not want your battery to run out while you’re out and about. It’s built sturdy as… But it’s a sexy bike; people still comment on it when I’m in town. Old and young, guys and ladies alike!

Over time, we’ve modified the stock build quite a bit – the standard parts are functional but nothing to get excited about. We upgraded the brakes to Avid BB7 cable discs for trusty stopping power when loaded up, a Brooks sprung saddle of course, giant sized cruiser balloon tires for a smoooooth ride, and bolted on an old but tough Race Face crankset and some wider riser handlebars for extra leverage – essential when the load is getting large. That lot certainly added to the original price (currently off the shelf from $3600 with a motor kit). But using a cargo bike around town is the most logical and exhilarating way to go to places and get stuff done!

You can add big panniers (bags) to the back rack, or attach a cargo swallowing box – the Yuba has a ton of braze-ons that make it easy to attach custom carriers. You can transport an adult on the back platform or up to three kids (add a cushioned seat). I recently brought my punctured car-tyre to get it fixed in town using my cargo bike. I can also easily fill my 25 litre water tank at the Wanaka Spring and ride it home without effort (it also means I can ride right up to the source to fill up – no carrying necessary!). My huge panniers keep hold of my essentials: rain gear, beanie, sunnies, sun lotion. And I can easily transport a weeks worth of groceries. Easy as… and fun!

Ditch the car

Electric cargo bikes can become a car replacement. Or certainly a “second-car” replacement for couples and families. They can even become your business’s delivery van! They cost nearly nothing to run (10c a charge) and you’ll have very little maintenance costs. Fuel, rego and WOF? no longer your concern. And if you live in a city, you can also forget about parking tickets and time lost sitting in traffic jams!

What are you waiting for, join the cargo-revolution! But beware, you may end up, like us, with a new bicycle business to manage!

More about the bike

  • Yuba is a US brand and makes the most popular cargo bike in North America.
  • The electric motor is a mid drive 300w motor from NZ brand Lekkie (EVLab), and uses the bike’s gears for increased torque, uphill performance and speed. 480wH Lithium Phosphate battery.
  • The Yuba Mundo is available in Black, Orange or Blue.

What next?

Find out what the cargo-bike buzz is all about, come to our shop to try a Yuba Mundo as a demo or a rental.

Want one? Come and talk to us or see what’s in our online store.

Read more about the Yuba Mundo on the Yuba website.