Shimano Saint pedals

Tough as flatties Lately I’ve been trialling Shimano Saint flat pedals for touring and general day to day riding. It came about as a bit of an accident that I […]

Backcountry Ski Access (fat version)

Talk about synchronicty… (we’ll wait while you do). This custom ski mountaineering fat bike was made for accessing some steep ice climbing, without the monster backpack and snow trudge. Much more […]

Get your klunk on

Remember, “Klunking is best away from the cars, the cops, and the concrete.” Here’s some great old footage from the legendary Repack race from the beginnings of mountain biking, when […]

Ed Oxley – Beware the Call of the Trail Horn

Ed Oxley from goes on a weird and wonderful journey from Hebden Bridge to the dark heart of Accrington by mountain bike. Then things begin to go a bit awry…

Reveal the Path movie

This inspirational adventure cycling movie is getting me all riled up to pack some framebags with Marmite sarnies and take off for the wild wild yonder! Be keen to have […]

Beautiful Big Dummy custom

If you want to see what a gorgeous platform the Big Dummy is for a custom build, check out this Stokemonkey powered cherry red head turner.