Dynamo and USB systems for bikepacking and touring

Supernova Lights on The Old Ghost Road

We often get questions about how to go about rigging up a dynamo, light and USB charging system for bikepacking and adventuring, so we put together this little graphic to help make things clearer:dynamo and USB systems

Cache batteries

An important part of the equation is some kind of cache/buffer battery. This sits between the USB charger and any devices you want to charge/power. Cache batteries are pretty cheap – just make sure the one you pick has through-charging and auto-on, so that charging starts as soon as the hub is outputting enough. Plox and Limefuel are popular options. The cache battery soaks up any output from the hub (for charging/using in the evening, when your dynamo will be running your lights), and prevents the ‘nag screen’ from your GPS when your speed dips below the charging threshold.


We also favour the use of splittable connector plugs for joining the cables that run from the hub to the light and to the USB charger. This makes routing charging cables much easier should you want to break your bike apart for travel or rearrange your bikepacking bags, etc. It also saves a cable being pulled out at a hard wired connection – the plug will come undone first saving an expensive/difficult/untimely fix.


We offer wheel builds using SP and SON dynamo hubs, lights and charging from SON and Sinewave. Contact us for package prices. We build with Stan’s NoTubes, WTB and DT Swiss rims and DT Swiss spokes.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about setting up your autonomous dynamo system for bikepacking and adventuring, we’re happy to help!