Shimano Saint pedals

Tough as flatties Lately I’ve been trialling Shimano Saint flat pedals for touring and general day to day riding. It came about as a bit of an accident that I gave them a proper heave ho on a short but rough loaded tour, when my Park Tools multitool kind of exploded while attempting to remove […]

Backcountry Ski Access (fat version)

Talk about synchronicty… (we’ll wait while you do). This custom ski mountaineering fat bike was made for accessing some steep ice climbing, without the monster backpack and snow trudge. Much more fun option we reckon! We’ve been toying with a similar idea for getting up some snowed up farm tracks to the point you can get […]

Bunyan Velo

As winter draws closer, we’ve been dreaming of pedal powered escapes and the road less travelled (and the day less full of work and more full of surprises and the unknown!). Bunyan Velo has been providing our fix of widescreen adventure biking lushness. Fantastic photography and inspiring journeys, all available to read online for free. Go […]

Surly Ice Cream Truck – big, fat and creamy

Surly has been making up brilliant/silly bike names again. This time it’s the new Surly Ice Cream Truck – kind of a racier version of the Moonlander without offset rims. Some early specs here from the Surly blog: -190mm symmetrical rear-end (197mm with the through axle hub that will come stock) -Our new MDS dropout system […]

Reveal the Path movie

This inspirational adventure cycling movie is getting me all riled up to pack some framebags with Marmite sarnies and take off for the wild wild yonder! Be keen to have a showing in the shop – anyone interested in a movie night?! Check out the trailer

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