Surly ECR Electric Conversion

The Surly ECR is a handsome machine that has received rave reviews of late and taken some serious abuse in long term real world testing (world touring kind of real), and come out the other side still rolling faultlessly. We built this custom electric Surly ECR for a customer who wanted a bomb proof camping bike for taking to the hills for overnight trips.

Barn Bay

GR and electric Yuba in North & South mag!

Good Rotations is pretty chuffed to be mentioned in the latest North & South! A bunch of amazing local talent contributed to that lovely spread: local journalist Tim Brewster crafted the idea and the words, Simon Darby was the photographer extraordinaire and Ruth Heath and two of her kids were the amazing models, and surely […]

Surly Pugsley Fatbike hire and demo!

We’ve released them! They’ve had and easy life of lazing around the shop looking clean and pretty – now we’ve decided it’s time our two Surly Pugsley fatbikes engage with the elements and get their tires dirty (or snowy). The Pugsley is the archetypal and original fatbike, born from the legendary Iditabike races in Alaska, but now adopted […]

Shimano Saint pedals

Tough as flatties Lately I’ve been trialling Shimano Saint flat pedals for touring and general day to day riding. It came about as a bit of an accident that I gave them a proper heave ho on a short but rough loaded tour, when my Park Tools multitool kind of exploded while attempting to remove […]

Backcountry Ski Access (fat version)

Talk about synchronicty… (we’ll wait while you do). This custom ski mountaineering fat bike was made for accessing some steep ice climbing, without the monster backpack and snow trudge. Much more fun option we reckon! We’ve been toying with a similar idea for getting up some snowed up farm tracks to the point you can get […]

Bunyan Velo

As winter draws closer, we’ve been dreaming of pedal powered escapes and the road less travelled (and the day less full of work and more full of surprises and the unknown!). Bunyan Velo has been providing our fix of widescreen adventure biking lushness. Fantastic photography and inspiring journeys, all available to read online for free. Go […]

Less Car More Go Kickstarter Movie

Check out Liz Canning’s inspiring cargo bike movie project, Less Car More Go that’s currently looking for Kickstarter funding. It’s ‘a crowdsourced feature film that will revolutionize ideas of what a bicycle can do and how a documentary is made.’ If you ever needed to know why you need a cargo bike in your life, […]