Restrap Bikepacking bags are made by Restrap under the moniker #carryeverything. Restrap is a relatively young company based in the UK, where they hand make their bags in small batches at their workshop in Leeds. They are dedicated bike adventure nuts, so their bags are the result of lots of riding, abusing, testing and refining.

A big part of bikepacking is it’s homegrown, DIY character. Most of the best gear is still coming from small-scale makers who are deeply involved in bikepacking and know what is needed from direct experience. Revelate was one of the first companies to produce bikepacking bags, and continues to produce benchmark gear. Many new makers have since appeared on the scene, with most bikepacking staples: the barbag, framebag and seatbag being very similar in principle.

We’re super excited to be bringing in the mainstays of the Restrap Bikepacking Bags range, so here’s a quick overview to whet your appetite:

Bar Bag


Restrap Bikepacking Bags - Bar Bag

Restrap’s Bar Bag is a holster system similar to the Revelate Harness, but with a few innovative additions.

The holster fits an 8-13 litre dry bag secured with Restrap’s own patented magnetic buckle. The buckle is designed to be easy to adjust, even whilst wearing gloves. The body is stiffened and covered with 1000D military-grade Cordura and reinforced with nylon webbing for extra strength. There is also a cunning magnetic fit system that allow you to attach a zipped pouch (included in the version we will stock) – perfect for small items that you want to keep handy, such as keys, phone, snacks, etc. This makes for a clean look with less straps flapping around than some other systems.

Price of the Bar Bag will be around $170 NZD including the Pouch

Frame Bag


Restrap Bikepacking Bags - Frame Bag

Restrap has a range of three different sized framebags. They feature fully waterproof zips, a 1000D cordura outer and VX21 fabrics to keep the weather out. Rubberised strapping provides extra grip to the frame while inner mesh pockets keep you organised whilst on the road and the medium and large bags contain an additional document pocket. An extra cable slot is provided for dynamo cabling, so you can stash your cache battery, or USB hub away in the framebag without any cable routing hassles. All sizes allow for use of water bottle cages, or you could even a fit a Salsa Anything Cage for more load capacity.

Price of the Frames Bags will be between $99 – $145 NZD

Saddle Bag


Restrap Bikepacking Bags - Saddle Bag

The Saddle Bag is a holster system, similar to Revelate’s Terrapin, but again with some nice design extras. The holster uses paracord to join the base and sides together, which makes the shape adjustable to the load and the cord performs double duty as a bit of emergency kit. The cord eyelets are reinforced and the body of the holster is stiffened to reduced tail-wag and keep the load where you want it without flopping about. The holster will fit a standard Ortlieb 13l drybag, which can be easily and cheaply replaced if it gets damaged. The ability to cinch the holster tight means it should be a better fit on some smaller or full suspension bikes that don’t have enough clearance to run some of the other seat-packs out there.

The Saddle Bag will go for around $215 NZD. Adding an Ortlieb 13l drybag will be around $40.

Expect a full review once we’ve given the bags a good workout, but for now they look extremely promising and well made. Find out more at

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