Ortlieb Waterproof Dealer, Wanaka NZ

Ortlieb TouringGood Rotations Bicycle Shop is your source for Ortlieb touring, bikepacking and urban panniers and bags.

We’re long time users of Ortlieb panniers – we have a set of Back Roller panniers that are 15 years old and going strong and looking good after years of punishment. Whenever you see images of a gnarled cycle adventurer in far off lands, they’ll usually have a set of Ortlieb panniers clamped to their bike. If you want the best, we always recommend Ortlieb gear.

We keep stock of a wide range of touring panniers and bags, Ortlieb’s excellent bikepacking bags, and also general use bags and panniers for rail-trail adventures or just moving your stuff around town by bike. We also stock the Urban Line bags (exclusive to us in New Zealand), which offer the same waterproof performance and build but in more sedate tones and fabrics for your stylish commute.

Ortlieb Bikepacking Bags

All Ortlieb gear is 100% waterproof (as in biblical deluge proof!), and meticulously manufactured in Germany to the highest standards. All products have a 5 year warranty.

If you are setting up for a world bike tour, a bikepacking adventure, or just day to day practical biking, come see what Ortlieb has for you!