LUMArt 2017

Showing until Friday 29 September, 2017

LUMArt is a stunning group bicycle art show and part of the amazing festival.

LUMArt features fluorescent fancies, phat phosphorescent prints and secret invisible layers! The show is all UV / Black-lit which makes this collection of works literally jump off the walls… Featuring works from several well-known UK artists and some local flavour too. Come check it out!

Bikey Queen - pol

Bikey Queen – pol

Coffee Peleton - Eliza Southwood

Coffee Peleton – Eliza Southwood

FLOW - Cheryl Gallaway

FLOW – Cheryl Gallaway

Día de la bici - Matt Quirk

Día de la bici – Matt Quirk

Rose Stallard - RideHard

Rose Stallard – RideHard