Are e-bikes cheating?

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Assistance can be many things

“You’re cheating!” – how many e-bike riders out there have been regaled with this unprovoked commentary as you ride to work, take a cruise on a cycle trail or otherwise dare to ride a bike with brazen electrical assistance?

Is getting pulled along in the middle of the peloton cheating? How about making use of a tailwind? What about coasting down that hill? Cheating?

We live in a competitive world, and sometimes e-bike riders bear the brunt of unkind comments from other riders on non-electric bicycles. If you’re not in a race, then how can you be cheating?

People ride e-bikes for many reasons – to cope with an injury, to get back into regular exercise, to keep on biking into older age, or simply to make a regular journey quicker and easier without resorting to using a car – but nobody hops on an electric bike to “cheat”. So, are e-bikes cheating?

You’re getting fitter

An e-bike will give you a high intensity aerobic workout if you want one, plus it’s fun being outside in the fresh air. Recently published data that compared the aerobic output of the same rider using an e-bike and a regular bike, showed that they had as much overall exercise and heart rate using their e-bike, but at a lower intensity and while arriving at their destination sooner. Plus, riding an e-bike on your daily journeys is a great way to fit some regular exercise into a busy schedule that otherwise you’d have to find extra time for.

You’re not using the car

If you are using an e-bike to make a journey that you wouldn’t otherwise make on foot, then you are by default not using another type of vehicle, which most commonly means that there is one less car on the road and one more car park in town, especially in a place like Wanaka where almost all journeys are made by private car. This means you are contributing in keeping Wanaka beautiful, healthy, less noisy and our roads safer! And the more bicycles of all kinds on the roads, the safer and calmer our roads become for all cyclists.

You‘re having fun

Is it just me, or are all these e-bikers smiling their way through town, along the trails? Did you notice, how most of them seem to have the perma-grin on their faces? E-bikes have a big feel-good factor (just ask your friend who rides one!). Somehow they make you feel like you’re a superwoman/man and the world is your oyster. Who wouldn’t want a slice of that, daily?

Only positives!

So let’s recap: you can exercise as much on an e-bike as on a regular bicycle. You’re saving on petrol. You’re polluting less and keeping Wanaka awesome. AND you’re having fun? The word “cheating” doesn’t seem to fit into this scenario!

Your e-bike specialist in Wanaka

Good Rotations Bicycle Shop has been selling electric bikes in Wanaka for 3 years. In this time, the range of e-bikes available has grown exponentially; from urban e-commuters, to e-mountain bikes, to load carrying electric cargo bikes. We have all kinds of e-bike customers and every one of them has a very good reason for going electric! If you too are thinking of joining the club, for whatever reason, please come and see us – we’d love to discuss further how e-bikes are definitely not cheating. And we might be able to help you find your perfect electrified ride!

Here’s to an awesome ‘electric’ year 2017!