Bikepacking Nomads

We first met Dasha and Jakub when they came by the shop over a year ago with some questions… What did we think about bike touring from New Zealand to Czech Republic on electric bikes? While we’re huge proponents of EBikes for all kinds of reasons, we thought that a tour of that magnitude in some remote areas might be a stretch when it came to charging up! So, we suggested bikepacking on steel adventure bikes instead.

Since then they have dedicated themselves to planning this journey by bike, and learning all about bikepacking along the way. We helped get them set up with a couple of Surly Karate Monkey’s shod with plus sized rubber, and an autonomous dynamo lighting and charging system from Supernova and Sinewave. This will be an important part of the equation as they will be visually documenting the adventure, culminating in a film, so the need to keep cameras and other electronic gear charged up on the go is essential.

They leave this Thursday 12th October with the first leg following the Tour Aotearoa route here in NZ, then hopping the water to Asia, India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Mongolia, Russia and eventually home turf in Europe.

Follow Dasha and Jakub’s adventure by bike at (in English and Czech), and their Facebook page. They’ll be posting regular updates and stories along the way.

We wish them luck and tailwinds!

Bikepacking Nomads