Announcing Bosch eMTB mode for CX Drive

Bosch recently announced a new and exciting  ‘Bosch eMTB mode’ performance update for their CX Drive motor system.

The new eMTB mode will automatically adjust your assistance level depending on pedal pressure. You will experience optimal support on different types of terrain, allowing you to concentrate your full attention on the trail (or the bike lane). Simply put you can leave your bike in one mode and get on with enhanced riding, making the motor even more ‘invisible’.

Read more about eMTB mode at the Bosch website.

If you are one of the lucky one’s to own a Bosch CX Drive equipped bike, we can update your software to eMTB mode. The update is free if you bought your bike from us. We charge a small workshop charge if you bought your bike elsewhere.

Contact us to book your eMTB update.