Surly Ice Cream Truck – big, fat and creamy

Surly has been making up brilliant/silly bike names again. This time it’s the new Surly Ice Cream Truck – kind of a racier version of the Moonlander without offset rims. Some early specs here from the Surly blog: -190mm symmetrical rear-end (197mm with the through axle hub that will come stock) -Our new MDS dropout system […]

Ed Oxley – Beware the Call of the Trail Horn

Ed Oxley from goes on a weird and wonderful journey from Hebden Bridge to the dark heart of Accrington by mountain bike. Then things begin to go a bit awry…

Electric Bike hire in Wanaka

We have a couple of Pedego City Commuters set up for hire now – one standard and one step-thru version. We gave them a good work out last week on the stunning Hawea River Track, riding from the Good Rotations shop around the Lake Outlet to the lakeshore in Hawea and back again. The Pedegos performed […]